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Bombardier Challenger 604 Air Charter Flight Plane
Duration : Heavy Jets
Destination : All over India
Tour Id : BC1999
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The spacious Challenger 604 has become the world's best selling large corporate jet due to its mission versatility, supreme comfort, and cost efficiency of smaller jets. Equipped with one of the widest and quietest cabins in its class, the Challenger 604 provides an ideal environment for in flight business meetings.  It typically accommodates 9-12 passengers, depending on its seating configuration. This luxurious jet has transcontinental range for non stop coast to coast trips, with frequent flights including Los Angeles to Miami or New York to London.

The aircraft provides a 4,077nm range (7,551km) with non-stop connection for London to Chicago, Riyadh to Paris and other key city pairs. .

Flight Deck
The flight deck is equipped with dual controls for the pilot and co-pilot.  The TWR-854 colour digital weather radar provides turbulence protection. The aircraft's navigation systems include a dual Northrop Grumman (Litton) LTN-101 laser inertial reference system, dual VHF navigation, a dual distance measuring system and a dual automatic direction finder.

The flight deck, cabin and baggage compartment are pressurised and air-conditioned. An active noise vibration control system developed by Ultra Electronics can be installed.

The 19m² cabin can be configured with up to nine business class seats. Alternatively higher density seating can be installed for up to 19 passengers. The cabin interior is installed to meet the customer's requirements.

Safety Systems
The windscreen and side windows of the flight deck are fitted with electrical anti-icing. A Hamilton Sundstrand bleed air system provides anti-icing to the wing leading edges, the engine air intake cowls and the guide vanes. Fire detectors and a dual-action fire extinguishing system are installed in the engine nacelles. Fire detectors and extinguishers are also installed in the auxiliary power unit.

The aircraft has two General Electric CF34-3B turbofan engines each providing 38.84kN (8,729lbs) thrust at take off. The engine nacelles from Bombardier Aerospace, Belfast, are mounted on pylons on the rear of the fuselage. The engines are fitted with cascade fan air thrust reversers. 

The fuel tanks can be augmented by auxiliary tanks bringing the maximum fuel load to 9,072kg. The aircraft has pressure and gravity refueling points. The aircraft has two 30kVA generators supplying the three-phase 115/200V Ac primary power. The DC supply comes from four transformer rectifiers and a primary and secondary battery.

Landing Gear
The Challenger has retractable twin-wheel tricycle type landing gear. Each unit is fitted with Dowty shock absorbers. The wheels are fitted with Aircraft Braking Systems multi-disc anti-skid carbon brakes.



9 business class or up to 19 with high density interior



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